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Local Government Commission


Winter 2014

Save the Date

LGC and the State of California are hosting the Inaugural California Adaptation Forum to be held August 19, 20, 2014 in Sacramento, CA.

california adaptation forumBy Kif Scheuer

Climate change will have widespread impacts on California's economy and the environment, putting California's unique and valuable natural treasures and resources at high risk. Successfully preparing for climate change will require strong collaboration and support from all public entities and private stakeholders that represent California's diverse economy. Taking steps now to prepare and adapt to climate change will help protect public health and safety, our environment and our future.

The California Adaptation Forum is designed to create a comprehensive network of adaptation leaders who have a strong commitment to addressing California’s climate risks. We plan to craft a program reflective of the diverse needs and challenges California is facing and bring together leading voices to share insights on how we can most effectively respond. Unlike many events that provide a forum for sharing existing knowledge, we are committed to developing an event that stimulates exchanges of ideas, builds critical networks, and defines possible pathways forward.

Stay tuned for more information at: To talk about conference details, contact Kif Scheuer at

LGC is grateful for the generous sponsorship of the Kresge Foundation, Sonoma County Water Agency, American Society of Adaptation Professionals and Defenders of Wildlife. If your organization is interested in talking about the benefits of being an inaugural sponsor for this important Forum, contact Kif.