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Local Government Commission


Winter 2014

Welcome to the New Currents

Joseph Oldham
Joseph Oldham, Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator
kif scheuer
Kif Scheuer, Climate Change Program Director

By Joseph Oldham and Kif Scheuer

Welcome to the January 2014 issue of Currents. This issue brings a number of changes to LGC, and in particular the energy and climate sector of our organization. Pat Stoner, who has been our Energy director for a long time is retiring. Kif Scheuer has joined LGC as the Climate Change Program Director and Joseph Oldham has joined LGC as the Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator. Together we will be co-editing Currents and will be providing a broader coverage of energy and climate change issues each month.

We are grateful for the foundation Pat built, and are excited about the chance to share resources, information and best practices with you in the coming issues. Whether because of pending legislative actions (AB32 scoping plan update for example), or changing technologies (remote load dissaggregation technologies) or just taking a fresh look at existing technologies (such as the evaporative cooling article in this issue), it’s important to try to keep our eye on what’s happening and share what we see with you. Going forward we also invite your input on important issues, and encourage you to write to us with suggestions, comments, or hot leads for upcoming articles.

Happy New Year from Joseph & Kif!