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Currents - A Quarterly Energy Newsletter For Local Governments

Winter 2012

UPDATE: Publicly Funded Energy Efficiency Programs

Natural Gas Funds

To help balance the State’s General Fund the legislature took $155 million dollars of the $176 million the natural gas utilities expect to collect in PPP funds over the next year (Senate Bill 87). To deal with this reduction in funds, the CPUC will allow the utilities to use unspent gas energy efficiency funding from prior years, as well as a portion of unspent Evaluation, Measurement and Verification funding from prior years to back fill some of the loss. It will also allow use of some unspent electric energy efficiency funds from prior years. This will allow for fully funding the gas programs for the next year.

Electricity Funds

Authorization to collect the electric PGC funds expired on December 31, 2011. The legislature failed to pass new legislation to continue this collection. The CPUC has committed to continue the electricity energy efficiency programs and is seeking input as to how to do that in Rulemaking 09-11-014.