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Summer 2012


Richmond Votes to Join Marin Energy Authority

On June 19, the City of Richmond's City Council voted 5-2 to join the Marin Energy Authority ("MEA"). Richmond's decision was motivated by an interest in letting customers choose their electricity provider. Marin Energy Authority today has 12,500 customers, with another 80,000 potentially joining in coming months as the program expands in Marin County. Richmond brings the potential for an additional 31,000 customers, and potentially $2 million in revenues. Richmond also brings a larger percentage of low-income customers than currently served by MEA.

Once Richmond officially joins MEA, it will take about several months for CCA services to become available in the city. MEA has to make changes to its CCA implementation plan to accommodate Richmond and submit it to the CPUC. Richmond will have a seat on the MEA governing board, once the CPUC approves the revised implementation plan. The larger customer base will make it easier to borrow money, negotiate power purchases and keep rates lower.