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Fiancial Incentive for Local Government Driven CO2 Reductions

Build It Green ( is currently developing a program for participating cities and counties to earn revenue for reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions attributable to implementing residential green building programs. If you are interested in program participation please contact Build It Green by November 27, 2007 or as soon thereafter as possible.

Residential-sector green building practices offer multiple GHG reduction benefits, including energy efficiency, water conservation, solid waste diversion, and overall reductions in resource consumption.

Cities participating in the Cool Cities or ICLEI programs should also consider participating in this program.

Implementation revenue payments would reward local governments with green building policies or incentives for all homes that are built or improved to green criteria within the jurisdictions. Revenue payments could provide financial support for green building strategies that governments might otherwise lack the resources to pursue. For example, revenue payments could be used to:

  1. Fund extra staffing to provide expedited plan checks for green building projects;
  2. Underwrite technical or financial assistance to project sponsors;
  3. Fund community education and outreach in support of a local green building policy or incentive.
  4. Offset verification costs associated with green or energy-efficient building requirements.

To qualify for revenue payments, participating local governments must demonstrate that homes were built or improved to green standards as a result of agency programs, policies, or incentives. Homes must qualify as GreenPoint Rated (

GreenPoint Rated provides a complete “out of the box” toolkit for local government policy implementation that can be leveraged to implement green building programs.

For more information regarding participation contact Brian Parker at 510-845-0472 x115 or

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