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An Energy Newsletter for Local Governments

Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition

The Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) has officially opened for business. The LGSEC is a mechanism for local government representation before state agencies such as the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission and California Air Resources Board.

The LGSEC is governed by a board comprised of local government members who will decide which proceedings to follow at the agencies. Initial topics the LGSEC will track include implementation of AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act), energy efficiency public goods charge funding, and the California Solar Initiative. Other topics may be added as more local governments join the coalition. LGSEC members will receive regular updates on these initiatives and will have their views presented in appropriate venues before the agencies.

In their legislation implementation and regulation activities, state agencies set rules that impact local governments in one way or another, but seldom are local governments at the table as these rules are being made. Other groups, however, are well represented such as utilities, water agencies, railroads, communication companies, and trade groups. The LGSEC is a way to provide input to these decisionmaking bodies with the chance to influence those decisions rather than having to react to them after they are adopted.

There is no entity currently providing this representation for local governments. The League of California Cities and California State Association of Counties focus their efforts on protecting the interests of cities and counties before the legislature. They do not have the time or resources to represent local governments before state agencies.

To learn more about LGSEC, contact Pat Stoner or visit LGSEC on the web (

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