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Council OKs Next Phase For Roseville Energy Park Project

Roseville Electric received the go-ahead from the Roseville City Council on June 4 to complete the next phase in developing the first City-owned and operated power generation facility, including a thorough engineering review of the project and submitting a project application to the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Roseville Electric staff told the City Council at its June 4 meeting that they expect to have this phase for the Roseville Energy Park Project completed by fall 2003. The CEC oversees development of all power plants in California and the public review and approval process for applications takes about 18 months.

“Helping to ensure stable energy prices for our residents, schools and businesses is a key step in protecting Roseville’s economic prosperity,” said Mayor Pro Tem Gina Garbolino. “Our neighboring communities will also benefit because having a reliable power source in South Placer County attracts businesses and that means more jobs for the region.”

On February 19, 2003, the City Council authorized Roseville Electric to assess the feasibility of developing the Roseville Energy Park as part of a long-term strategy to provide reliable electric rates to its customers and to gain independence from the volatile wholesale energy market.

“This project benefits the consumers. It provides local control over a large portion of Roseville’s future energy needs, while providing a greater value for the City’s electric customers and enhancing service reliability to them,” Roseville City Manager Craig Robinson said.

Photovoltaic PanelsThe main feature of the project is a 150-megawatt natural gas generating facility, but the proposed concept for the Roseville Energy Park also includes a one-megawatt photovoltaic solar energy site that generates clean, renewable electric power from the sun. The third element is the Community Energy Center that will showcase innovative energy systems using power conservation with alternative and renewable energy sources.

Roseville Electric, the City’s reliable and low-cost electric utility for the past 93 years, would own the proposed facility and deliver the locally generated electricity directly into its distribution grid for use by Roseville residents, schools and businesses.

“Our customers may be increasingly exposed to higher wholesale energy prices, but the City Council’s action illustrates their understanding of this very complex issue and a willingness to protect Roseville residents and businesses,” said Roseville Electric Utility Director Tom Habashi. “The public process to approve this project ensures that developing the Roseville Energy Park Project is done in a logical manner to produce the best possible project.”

For more information about Roseville Electric, the proposed power plant feasibility study or the Roseville Energy Park, visit the Roseville Electric web site ( or call (916) 797-6937.

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