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Flex Your Power Releases Hotels Best Practices Guide

Flex Your Power's new Hotels Best Practices Guide is designed to show facility managers the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy use and cut costs in hotel operations. Managers can either take simple steps or work with engineers and energy consultants to develop comprehensive plans.

By focusing on efficiency, hotels can reduce their energy use by 20% or more, saving them thousands of dollars each year. These changes can also improve the guest experience through better aesthetics and a more comfortable indoor environment. From a small bed and breakfast to a 1,000-room hotel and convention center, the basic steps toward lower energy use are the same:

  • Conduct an energy audit to determine where and how the facility uses energy.
  • Create an energy savings plan and enact changes to reduce use.
  • Monitor and measure energy use to determine success.

The increased focus on energy and climate change in California makes this an ideal time to take action to save energy. From lighting and building retrofits to heating and cooling upgrades, hotels can save energy and money and fight global warming.

Read Flex Your Power's Hotels Best Practices Guide.

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