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Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition

The Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) is a mechanism for local government representation before state agencies such as the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission and California Air Resources Board. The LGSEC is a way to provide input to these decision making bodies with the chance to influence those decisions before they are made rather than having to react to them after they are adopted.

The LGSEC is governed by a board comprised of local government members who will decide which proceedings to follow at the agencies. The LGSEC has filed comments in two proceedings at the CPUC in the last couple of months.

First in the Energy Efficiency proceeding, the LGSEC commented that the CPUC should direct the utilities to include in their statewide strategic plan interim local strategic plans jointly developed with each local government partner, and to jointly develop long- term strategic plans with each local government partner as an integral part of the Commission's strategic planning process. 

In the Community Choice Aggregation proceeding, the LGSEC concurred with the analysis in the Ruling that because community choice aggregators are responsible for forecasting their own load, and because community choice aggregators assume all risk and costs where there is a variance between forecast and demand for their own customers, there is no need to require them to assume liability for the utility’s forecasting errors.

The LGSEC also provided to its members an analysis of statewide efforts to implement AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, that was commissioned by Los Angeles County. LA County is a founding member of the LGSEC.

To learn more about the LGSEC, contact Pat Stoner or visit the LGSEC online ( Or come to the quarterly networking meeting for California local government energy professionals in San Francisco on Thursday, January 31.

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