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Solar Electric Guidelines for SB 1

At its December 19, 2007, Business Meeting, the California Energy Commission adopted the "Guidelines For California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs Pursuant To Senate Bill 1."

Senate Bill 1 directs the Energy Commission to establish eligibility criteria, conditions for incentives, and rating standards for projects applying for ratepayer-funded incentives for solar energy systems in California by January 1, 2008. 

Solar energy incentive programs under Senate Bill 1 include the California Public Utilities Commission's California Solar Initiative, the Energy Commission's New Solar Homes Partnership, and programs administered by California’s publicly owned utilities.

The adopted Guidelines include an erratum incorporated by reference that was presented by staff at the December 19, 2007, Business Meeting and accepted by the Energy Commission.

The final Guidelines, the notice of availability, and the notice of erratum are all available at:

Additional information about the Solar Incentive Programs can be found on the state's Go Solar California web portal.

For more information visit Go Solar California.

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